Today we would like to give some major recognition to our close friend and supporter Alexa Sequeira, who was formerly an EMT in the city and now works in the ER at Winchester Hospital. With the assistance of Massachusetts State Police and Boston EMS, she helped saved a motorist who had crashed on I-93 after a medical emergency last night. Massachusetts State Troopers Joe Cordes, Miguel McGovern, and Joe Page, all from the Ted Williams Tunnel Barracks, responded to a crash on Route 93 southbound in Boston last night.

The operator was found unresponsive behind the wheel and Troopers broke a window to gain access and remove him from the vehicle. 
Finding no pulse and suspecting that the man was suffering from a medical condition that led to the crash, the Troopers with the assistance of Nurse Sequeira began CPR and deployed an Automatic External Defibrillator. Sequeira was heading home after her own long day at work when she came upon the scene and stopped to assist the Troopers. Through their combined efforts they were successfully able to resuscitate the man who was then transported to Boston Medical Center by Boston EMS. By the time the man arrived at the hospital he was awake and alert, and now is expected to make a full recovery.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sequeira earlier today, and she had this to say, “It was an extraordinary display of teamwork and communication on all parts amidst the chaos of a pandemic. In the ED, we are trained to run cardiac arrests with every person having an assigned role and working as a well oiled machine. Although the environment was certainly different, the troopers and I did just that. I am thrilled that he is expected to make a full recovery.”

(Image and information vis MSP)