In early February, a couple of college students snuck into Fenway Park and created the now viral video seen below. At first it was a funny, amusing prank, but not anymore. Officials at Fenway tell us that enough is enough, they are done playing games and if you try this they will catch you and charge you to the full extent of the law.

And that’s exactly what happened early this morning at approximately 01:00 hours as a group of kids attempted to scale the Green Monster. Boston Police Officers from District D-4 responded in the early hours for calls from Fenway Security that they had at least one male in custody at the top of the Green Monster with a number of other still attempting to scale the wall. When Officers arrived on scene they located a number of college students, matching the suspect descriptions, loitering around the same area as the attempted wall climbers, and they were detained for questioning. A total of six young men were stoped and questioned in the area.

The seventh subject was taken into custody by Boston Police at Gate D where Fenway Security were waiting to hand off their prisoner. Boston Police have identified the truly special individual as 19-year-old Seamus Webster of Newburyport, and a student at Boston University. Webster was charged with Trespassing but also Breaking & Entering Nighttime, a very serious felony charge that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and could leave him branded as a criminal for the rest of his life.

We spoke with members of the security team at Fenway who told us they are done playing games, over the past few weeks it has become an increasingly problematic occurrence and they plan on pressing charges on anyone who enters the stadium. “It’s really not hard to catch these morons, we have cameras covering almost every inch of this park. We will find you and now we‘re gonna make sure you got to jail.” Boston Police did confirm that they have increased patrols in the area and are working with Fenway on how to approach this problem moving forward.

As for Mr. Webster, we reached out to Boston University for comment however we did not receive any at this time. As for his future, that still seems up in the air. The other young men were FIO’ed and released from the scene due to the fact they were unable to make it over the wall, however it is unknown if they simply were too weak or just too scared to make the climb.