In the early hours of Monday morning, the Boston Police Captain for District A-1 successfully and single-handedly caught and detained two men that had jumped a fence to break into a construction site.

A local area homeless man, who has come to know the Officers in the area, alerted the captain while on patrol in the Theater District that two drunken party-goers had scaled a fence and were climbing a building that was currently under construction. The captain wasted no time and radioed for backup while he attempted to catch the two on his own. Without hesitation he jumped the fence and followed the wet footprints into the building, up 9 floors, where he located the two criminals and held them at bay until backup arrived.

Police Officers were able to take the suspects out and back to the station. Stephen Erickson, of Allston and Griffin Ryan, of Somerville, were charged with felony counts of Breaking and Entering at Night as well as charges for cocaine that had been located on their person following the arrest. No further information has been released but it is expected that they will be arraigned at a later date.