A hot topic of late in the City of Boston has been the multiple protests of Mayor Wu’s vaccine mandate, drawing sharp criticism from unions, citizens and political pundits across the Commonwealth and the Country. One of the loudest voices had been Boston Firefighters Local 718, the union which represents all firefighters in the City.

With picket lines and protests the Firefighters have made their stance clear — Mayor Wu’s policy is wrong, illegal and can not stand. Unlike other groups they have chosen to leave Mayor Wu’s house out of the planned demonstrations, choosing instead to take to the streets of Boston and doorstep of City Hall.

Last night Union leaders and their faithful following took it up a notch, this time targeting the State of the Commonwealth. With approximately 200-250 people out front of the Haynes Convention Center, chants of “LET US WORK” could be heard from blocks away and even at points inside of the building.

According to a spokes person from the union, this is just the beginning as they vow to fight the mandate until they run out of option.