On Wednesday, August 24, 2022 about 6:35 pm, Officers assigned to the Boston Police Harbor Unit responded to a call for a boat taking on water and sinking off the coast of Graves Light in Boston Harbor. At the time of the call, the officers were on patrol in the harbor on the “Robert Guiney” and were about eight minutes away.

On approach, the officers observed a vessel about 100 yards off the coast of Graves Light and could only see a small portion of the vessel “Glory Days” bow above water. As the officers got closer, they observed a blue object floating in the water, and moments later, observed two men floating holding on to a blue cooler.

The men reported to the officers that they were weak and were having difficulty keeping their heads above water.  The officers rescued the men by pulling them from the water and on to the police boat. Later, the men reported their boat’s engine got tangled in lobster lines and began to take on water, eventually sinking and causing them to abandon ship.  

Both victims were treated by officers and transported to berth 10 where Boston EMS was waiting to treat them. The victim’s boat was lifted and taken under tow to Thompson’s Island.