On February 11, 2023, at around 18:35 hours, A small house fire broke out on 44 Ivan St, in Lexington. Lexington Police Department initially responded to the call and rushed to the scene. Shortly after arrival, police put out a fire report.

Lexington Police were the first to respond and arrive at the scene. After examining the area, police quickly realized that this small fire was going to need to be put out by local fire authorities and put out a fire report. The Lexington Fire Department crew received the report and headed straight to the scene.

Lexington Firefighters got straight to work and were actively investigating the scene looking for the best way to put out the fire. It was stated that forced entry into the house was used and necessary. After locating the fire inside, they were able to quickly and successfully put it out.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and authorities are further investing it. There were no reports of any injuries at the scene, so thanks to the well-trained and dedicated Lexington Firefighters, everyone remains safe.