On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at approximately 01:30 hours, After a neighbor called 911 because they saw flames, Metford Fire Department had a long battle against an uphill house fire at 46 Terrace Road. This fire quickly became a 3-alarm call leaving this million-dollar home that was undergoing construction, practically destroyed.

After Metford Fire Department arrived at the scene of the fire, they quickly figured out that putting the fire out was going to be a challenge. This large house was sitting on a hill, which meant that firefighters had less water pressure to put the fire out with.

Medford Fire Department Chief John Freedman stated that “We got creative and had to lay a lot of large diameter hose to get enough water up here on the hill.” Firefighters were attacking the fires from above the house, using ladders to get a better angle from the top of the roof. The flames were massive and engulfing the house, but thanks to the hard work of the Metford Firefighters and other helpful communities the fire was finally tamed around 06:00 hours.

It has been confirmed that the home belongs to Sen Elizabeth Warren’s son, Alex Warren. Sen Elizabeth Warren came out with a statement that said “I deeply appreciate the efforts of the firefighters who worked through the night to put out a fire at our son’s house. I am grateful that everyone is safe and request privacy for our family”.

Thanks to the vacancy of the house due to construction, there was no one inside when the fire broke out. it was stated by authorities that there were no injuries at the scene. As of right now, it is unknown why and how the fire broke out, and this scene is under active investigation there is not currently any other information.