Somerville, MA – On Thursday morning around 6:15 AM a raging fire tore through a triple-decker home on Central Street, threatening nearby properties and leaving ten individuals displaced. Prompt action by Somerville Fire Department helped contain the blaze quickly and ensure the safe evacuation of all occupants.

At approximately 6:15 AM, emergency services started receiving calls reporting a fire at a house on Central St. Within minutes, firefighters were on the scene, battling the intense flames that had engulfed the upper floor of the triple-decker house. Despite the challenging circumstances, the skilled firefighters successfully knocked down the heavy fire, preventing further damage to neighboring homes.

Fire Chief Charles Breen expressed his concerns about the alarming situation, stating, “The fire was already starting to spread to the single-family house in the back and a three-family home to the left.” The firefighters’ swift response played a crucial role in preventing the fire from extending to adjacent properties, potentially leading to an even more catastrophic event.

Fortunately, all residents of the triple-decker home managed to escape unharmed before the flames consumed the building. However, the incident has displaced ten individuals, who are now in need of temporary housing and support from the community.

While the flames have been extinguished, investigators are now working to determine the cause of the fire. As of now, the origin and circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation. Authorities will thoroughly examine the premises, interview witnesses, and review any available evidence to ascertain the cause and potential contributing factors.