Waltham, MA – At around 8:30 AM this morning, Monday June 19, 2023, the Waltham Fire Department received 911 calls about a possible house on fire on School Ave. Upon arrival, units found a house at 32 School Ave with flames billowing from the home.

As firefighters were responding to this scene, the city was undergoing unexplained power surges, resulting in several small fires reported across Waltham. The situation escalated into a citywide power outage, adding a significant layer of complexity to the scene on School Ave.

In an effort to prevent further damages and potential fires, city officials recommended an unusual course of action – asking residents to turn off their power at the breaker. The aim was to curb the effects of the power surges and reduce the risk of electrical fires in other parts of the city.

Faced with an aggressive fire at School Ave and the unpredictable situation, firefighters were forced into defensive operations. They quickly struck a 2nd Alarm for additional resources from neighboring areas.

After an intense hour, the fire was eventually subdued and declared under control, but not before it caused significant damage to the residence at 32 School Ave. The cause of the power surges remains under investigation, with local power companies working in tandem with the city. No casualties have been reported as a result of the fires or the ensuing power outage.