CAMBRIDGE, MA – On the afternoon of Monday, October 9, 2023, multiple protests occurred throughout the Boston area as Israel formally declared war against the long contested Palestinians.

Over 300 people rallied in front of Cambridge to show their support for the Palestinians while counter protestors also showed their support for Israel as well. High tensions could be felt in the atmosphere of the area. Multiple Police Agencies sent assets to provide security for the protesters of both sides.

Towards the end of their rally at Cambridge City Hall tensions finally started to boil over as many expletives and other gestures were being exchanged by both sides. Both sides encountered people who tried to physically engage with the other, but were quickly stopped by the officers on scene.

Troop H of the Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police, and MIT Police were all alerted as the protestors started to move towards Massachusetts Avenue. State Police additionally sent an Air Wing unit to ensure that Law Enforcement could monitor movements and to direct assets ahead of protests to secure a safe avenue.

The Officers of the Cambridge Police department provided exceptional service and protection to both sides regardless of how they might have felt personally about the situation. One of the Cambridge Officers stated that he wanted everyone to get home safely without any injuries, showing that the officers present were there to truly provide public safety.

Beyond the verbal threats, no physical altercations occurred, no arrests were made, and no properties reported any damages – A fortunate way of ending a highly volatile situation.