BOSTON, MA – Multiple Fire Companies rushed to 280 Congress Street at around 07:30pm October 19th, 2023 after a reported fire on the 30th floor in a high rise turned into a water main break. Boston Fire Department, Boston EMS, and Boston Police were on scene blocking off traffic on Congress Street as crews went into extinguish the fire and contain the subsequent water main breakage.

Crews initially received a call of an appliance on fire on the 30th floor. Upon arriving they were quick to start the efforts to knock the fire out. But a short time later a water main break occurred.

The water break caused extensive flooding in the main elevator shaft, prompting fire fighters to utilize the freight elevator located in a different part of the building. While this was happening evacuation efforts were being made to ensure that nobody was left inside the building. At the end no injuries were reported and the fire was safely extinguished, all thanks to the hard efforts from the Boston Fire Department.