LEWISTON, ME – Over 100 Investigators are still searching Thursday morning for a suspect of two separate mass shootings in Lewiston, ME on Wednesday night. While the incident remains ongoing and a lot of information surrounding the shootings remains unknown, here’s everything we know so far.


We will continue to update the timeline throughout the day as more information becomes available.
Last Updated: 8:00 AM EST 10/28/2023

6:56 PM (10/25/23) – The Communications Center began to receive several 911 calls reporting that there was a male shooting a rifle inside Sparetime Recreation at 24 Mollison Way, Lewiston, ME.

7:08 PM (10/25/23) – The Communications Center began to receive 911 call reporting a male shooting a rifle at Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant at 551 Lincoln St, Lewiston, ME.

8:00 PM (10/25/23) – The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office releases the first images of the suspected shooter from the Sparetime Recreation Surveillance Cameras.

8:09 PM (10/25/23) – Maine State Police make a public statement: “There is an active shooter in Lewiston. We ask people to shelter in place. Please stay inside your home with the doors locked. Law enforcement is currently investigating at multiple locations. If you see any suspicious activity or individuals please call 911. Updates to follow.”

8:26 PM (10/25/23) – Auburn, ME Police Department issues an alert: “ALERT: There is an active shooter incident in progress in the City of Lewiston. ALL Auburn and Lewiston residents are strongly urged to shelter in place, lock their doors, and report all suspicious individuals and activities to 9-1-1. Most businesses in the area have closed/are closing.”

8:30 PM (10/25/23) – The Central Maine Medical Center released the statement: “At this time there are no specifics to share on the number of casualties. Central Maine Healthcare is coordinating with area hospitals to take …” but has since been deleted. They have cancelled all elective surgeries for 10/26/23 and have called in all available off-duty staff.

8:53 PM (10/25/23) – Lewiston Police Department: “We are currently dealing with an active shooter incident (Schemengees and Sparetime Recreation). Please stay off the roads to allow emergency responders access to the hospitals.”

9:05 PM (10/25/23) – The Lewiston Police Department releases 3 Images of the shooter from surveillance camera footage.

9:17 PM (10/25/23) – The Lewiston Police Department releases images of the suspect’s 2013 White Subaru Outback with Black bumper – License plate 9246PD.

9:49 PM (10/25/23) – The Superintendent of Lewiston, ME Public Schools, Jake Langlais, makes a public statement: “Hello, There will not be school tomorrow. At this time, there will be no activity at Lewiston Schools Thursday October 26, 2023. There remains a lot of unknowns at this time. Information moves quickly but not always accurately. Please continue to shelter in place or get to safety”

The following schools have been closed on 10/26/23: Central Maine Community College, Bates College, MSAD 11, MSAD 52, MSAD 51, MSAD 75, Saco Schools, Oxford Hills School District MSAD 17, Portland public schools

10:27 PM (10/25/23) – Androscoggin County Officials announce shelter in place order for Lisbon, ME.

10:37 PM (10/25/23) – An Active Shooter bulletin that was released by The Maine Information and Analysis Center is obtained by Live Boston. The initial time of release is currently unknown.

10:52 PM (10/25/23) – The Lewiston Police Department release the driver’s license photo of the suspected shooter, identifying him as Robert Card.

11:30 PM (10/25/23) – Maine Department of Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck announces that the suspect’s vehicle was located in the town of Lisbon, ME. Footage from our photographer on scene shows officers securing the area.

11:34 PM (10/25/23) – Lison, ME releases statement to continue sheltering in place. Announces closure of all town offices on Thursday October 26, 2023.

11:57 PM (10/25/23) – Maine State Police Release additional image of the shooter in a statement on Facebook.

12:00 AM (10/26/23) – Maine State Police release the statement on twitter: “Caution to the public. A shooting incident with multiple casualties has occurred in multiple locations in Lewiston. Police are currently searching for Robert R. Card (04/04/83) of Bowdoin. Card is considered armed and dangerous. If seen people should not approach Card or contact with him. The shelter in place order stands in Lewiston. A vehicle of interest was located in Lisbon and we are now also asking residents in Lisbon to shelter in place as law enforcement works in that area to locate Card. We ask anyone who sees anything suspicious to call 911. For people who have questions about loved ones a reunification center has been set up at Auburn Middle School which is located at 38 Falcon Drive in Auburn.”

2:54 AM (10/26/23) – Schemengees Bar and Grill posts statement on Facebook: “My heart is crushed. I am at a loss for words. In a split second your world gets turn upside down for no good reason. We loss great people in this community. How can we make any sense of this. Sending out prayers to everyone.”

4:46 AM (10/26/23) – Town of Lisbon Updates a statement: “At this time, we continue to recommend that Lisbon residents continue to shelter in place with an emphasis on residents between Mill Street in Lisbon Center, along the Rt 196 corridor east to Main street in Lisbon Falls. Businesses located within this area especially will mostly be closed until safety concerns have been addressed. Your cooperation with this recommendation is greatly appreciated as we work with several other law enforcement agencies to assure the residents and businesses in the community can go about their daily activities safely. We will provide updates as soon as possible when the shelter in place recommendation is lifted”

6:14 AM (10/26/23) – Maine State Police release the statement: “We are expanding the shelter in place advisory and school closings to include the town of Bowdoin. Please stay inside your homes while more than 100 investigators, both local and federal work to locate Robert Card who is a person of interest in the Lewiston shootings.” and “A news conference is scheduled at 10:30 am today at Lewiston City Hall. Please tune into your local TV station’s social media and or websites for live streams.”

8:15 AM (10/26/23) – A 911 call from a witness in Windham, NH believes they recognized Robert Card getting into a Blue Chevrolet Suburban with a Maine License. The same vehicle was detected on 93 South crossing into Massachusetts.

8:45 AM (10/26/23) – New Hampshire State Police advised Massachusetts State Police with a BOLO regarding a Blue Chevrolet Suburban with Maine License Plate 6625ZD, from Oxford Maine, which was last seen on 93 South in Windham, NH at the border to Massachusetts in regards to the Lewiston, ME shooting suspect.

10:42 AM (10/26/23) – The Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, Confirmed that 18 people were killed and 13 were injured. This contradicted original reports of 22 dead and over 50 injured.

10:45 AM (10/26/23) – The Maine State Police announced the following information:
– 18 people have been shot and killed. 13 Have been injured
– 1 Female and 6 Males at Sparetime Recreation were shot and killed
– 7 Males Inside of Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant were shot and killed
– 1 Males outside of Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant was shot and killed
– 3 Victims that were shot were transported to nearby hospitals and pronounced deceased
– 8 of the 18 victims have been identified at this time
– 8 Arrest Warrants for Murder have been issued for Robert Card for each of the identified victims

11:00 AM (10/26/23) – The BOLO for the Blue Chevrolet Suburban with Maine License Plate 6625ZD has been cancelled. The vehicle was located at a salvage yard in Maine. It is unknown at this time if it had any involvement in the shooting or Robert Card.

11:03 AM (10/26/23) – Andover, MA Police department released statement regarding reports of the shooter being linked to the Andover area. “The Andover Police Department is aware that there is information circulating regarding the Lewiston, ME mass shooting and a possible link to Andover, MA. At this time there is NO active or credible information linking this individual to the Andover community. As always, the Andover Police Department continues to be vigilant and will continue to patrol and protect the community.”

12:40 PM (10/26/23) – The Massachusetts State Police have issued a statement regarding the Lewiston, ME shootings. At least one trooper has responded up to Lewiston, ME to assist in the investigation in an ATF Officer capacity. The statement indicates no known connection between Robert Card and Massachusetts at this time.

1:22 PM (10/26/23) – The State Police Association of Massachusetts released a statement regarding the shootings in Lewiston, ME: “President McNamara said, “I am devastated by the violence from last night that took so many lives and injured countless. I am certain that the suspect will be captured and brought to justice. Our members as well as our partners at the Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire State Police are some of the best and we will not rest until justice is secured.” Further requesting that all inquiries be directed to the Department of the State Police.

4:45 PM (10/26/23) – The FBI make announcements over a PA outside of the suspects last known address of 914 Meadow Rd in Bowdoin, ME. It was reported that explosions were heard coming from the house.

7:05 PM (10/26/23) – The FBI returned to a family home at 914 Meadow Road in Bowdoin, ME to execute search warrants on the property. Announcements were made via PA including “Robert Card, you’re under arrest. We know you’re inside, come out with your hands up, we don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

7:30 PM (10/26/23) – Numerous witnesses on Meadow Road report tactical units surrounding the houses. Drones have been deployed. Media has been told to shutoff all lights. The FBI are continuing to make calls on the PA for occupants to exit the house.

7:57 PM (10/26/23) – The Maine State Police issued a statement saying: Law enforcement officials are currently on Meadow Road in Bowdoin to execute several search warrants. The announcements being heard over a loud speaker are standard search warrant announcements when executing a warrant to ensure the safety of all involved. It is unknown whether Robert Card is in any of the homes law enforcement will search. Law enforcement officials are simply doing their due diligence by tracking down every lead in an effort to locate and apprehend Card.”

6:00 AM (10/27/23) – As of this morning there have been no updates from law enforcement in the search for Robert Card. The US Border Patrol has joined in the manhunt.

10:00 AM (10/27/23) – The Commissioner has released the following information during the morning press conference at Lewiston City Hall:

  • Morning Briefing will happen everyday at 10:00 AM. This will be a briefing of everything that occurred the previous night, and a plan for the rest of the day.
  • -Officers and investigators (all levels) are working 530+ tips and leads from a number of communities.
  • They are continuing two searches at the primary incident location’s, the restaurant and bowling alley, and are still days away from completing investigation at crime scenes.
  • Affidavits are being written for all digital media that could have captured the crime scenes.
  • They are utilizing 3:00 – 4:00AM every morning to develop a plan for the day.
  • The boat launch where the suspect’s car was located will be thoroughly investigated today. You will see air, land, and marine resources over the river + boat launch. Divers will be brought in to search the river. Ground searches will be done in the surrounding areas. Sonar will be deployed in the water. Maine Warden Service and the Maine State Police are leading initiative.
  • A Ground Line search will be working along the border of the river looking for any additional evidence.
  • Lisbon Rd + RT 196 will have a PIO and have access available to the media. No other locations within the search area will be available.
  • Bowling alley will have additional officers checking the wood lines.
  • Each crime scene will have QRF (Quick Reaction Force) + High count of officers as a precaution.
  • There are two primary teams working the investigation; An investigation team and an apprehension team.
  • Police will also be working on locations other locations undisclosed to media. Tactical officers will be going around scene to scene. More announcements may be made via PA but it is precautionary and doesn’t necessarily indicate the suspect is present.
  • The Public is asked to submit any and all information via this link: FBI.GOV/LEWISTONTIPS
  • Victim services efforts are on going. They are continuing to work with the families and community. Additional resources will be available to the general public over time.
  • A total of approximately 70 witnesses from that night are currently being interviewed by officials.

7:45 PM (10/27/23) – Investigators locate Robert Card deceased on Capital Ave in Lisbon Falls. He was located near several trailers nearby to a recycling center that he was previously fired from.

9:06 PM (10/27/23) – The Maine State Police announce a press conference will be held at 10:00 PM.

10:00 PM (10/27/23) – During the press conference it is confirmed that Robert Card’s body was located.

11:36 PM (10/27/23) – The Maine State Police release a public statement that the search for Robert Card is over. The suspected shooter was found deceased earlier in the evening.

10:00 AM (10/28/23) – Commissioner Sauschuck updated the media this morning with additional information surrounding the death of Robert Card.

  • The body was located in an unlocked box trailer in the overflow parking lot of the Maine Recycling Corporation
  • The recycling center had been cleared twice previously by law enforcement.
  • Robert Card had previously worked at the recycling facility before being fired.
  • The owner of the Recycling Facility asked authorities if they had cleared several trailers. At that time, tactical units began clearing 55-60 trailers, ultimately locating Robert Card within the first 3 trailers.
  • Two additional firearms were found with Robert Card’s body.
  • Robert Card appeared to still be wearing the same clothes that he wore when the shootings took place.
  • Sauschuck described the note left behind by the shooter in the following statement: “I wouldn’t describe it as an explicit suicide note, but the tone and tenor was that the individual was not going to be around, and wanted to make sure that this loved one had access to his phone and whatever was in his phone”
  • The firearm used in the shooting was purchased legally several days prior to his psychiatric evaluation.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that Robert Card was forcibly admitted to a mental health facility.