WEYMOUTH, MA – A suspect is in custody after a stand off that lasted just over two hours. At approximately 04:00pm Weymouth Police arrived in the area of Putnam Street after responding to reports of a man armed with a gun.

Shortly after arriving it was discovered that the suspect was armed with a long gun, prompting the activation of the METRO-LEC SWAT team. The SWAT team made multiple attempts to negotiate in hopes of a peaceful resolution. They were unable to determine whether the rifle the suspect was armed with was real or only a replica.

Just over two hours into the standoff, the SWAT team deployed a flash bang device and made entry in efforts to bring the suspect into custody. After making entry, they were successfully able to located and arrest the suspect inside the house.

Due to the efforts made by METRO-LEC SWAT, Weymouth Police, and other supporting agencies, officers were able to facilitate the arrest without any injuries to the suspect or the officers. As of now the condition of the suspect is unknown, but he has been transported to a nearby hospital for evaluations.

Photographs by Matt Kaminsky