MILFORD, MA – A Massachusetts State Trooper assigned to Troop C was hospitalized following a collision that occurred while they were on Interstate 495. 

Last night, on Tuesday October 24,2023 a Trooper who was providing routine services on the side of Interstate 495 was struck by a motorist who failed to slow down and move over. The Trooper was injured and sustained non-life threatening injuries. 

The condition of the motorist that struck the trooper has not been released yet. No subsequent information has been released.

Time and time again we see the news of first responders being struck while performing roadside duties. These accidents often result in heavy injuries from both parties. It is paramount that drivers show an ample amount of due regard while operating their motor vehicles. Under state laws, a person operating a motor vehicle that fails to move over or slow down can be fined up to $100.

The move over law has been in effect for over 15 years since its initial passing. Even since then, many first responders have been struck and some killed. Understanding and practicing the slow down move over can save a life, and even yours.

Photo courtesy of the State Police Association of Massachusetts. Link.