BOSTON, MA – At approximately 1:40 a.m., the Boston Police Department was flagged down at 560 Columbia Road by a concerned citizen who noticed smoke coming from a nearby building. The officers who were flagged down immediately notified dispatch that there was smoke coming from within a nearby H&R Block..

Upon arrival, smoke was visible and had completely blocked any view into the first floor of the building. Crews immediately started working on gaining entry to the building which was made difficult by a security gate behind the door. Others worked to evacuate all residents who lived in the building above the fire. By the time entry was able to be made the fire was already visible at the front main entrance.

As more and more residents were brought out of the building, the MBTA brought out a bus so that the displaced residents could have a place to be warm. A total of 20 residents were temporarily displaced because of this fire. But, on a positive note, there were no reported injuries from both the first responders and residents. Also, by 4:00AM, an electrical inspector was able to restore power to the residential units above H&R Block and deem it safe for residents to return to their homes.